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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Victim of electronic harassment or organized stalking?

December 3, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Sex Crimes

I need victims of electronic harassment and organized stalking to come forward. I am gathering evidence of this horrific crime so that I (or we) can sue the US government for allowing is crime against me to be committed against me and other victims of this crime. I am a victim of these evil crimes in San Diego, CA who has been using it on the public. There is a corruption cover up of this crime going on using vicious assaults on my reputation by slander and a diabolical plan to frame me to cover it up and to use every blind person in this community including themselves to invade my privacy and has a abduction conspiracy to steal the make up off my face in hopes to become a society of gods which they are trying to cover up also. If you know anything about any slanderous accusation made about me there is rewards for those who provide evidence to convict this criminals. I am a women with a scarf and (said) to wear sunglasses that is slandering the city of San Diego, but these statements and false accusation made about me are completely untrue and are retaliation by these agencies for reporting the sex slave trade ran by them and the San Diego Fire Dept who has county wide slandered me on a mass scale to cover up police corruption and their own involvement claiming they think I am the most heinously ugliest women that ever lived and other slanderous lies about me. People don't trust your government they are an evil agency that wants to destroy the Constitution and the world by genociding them. There are 800 Concentration Camps in America and they are planning on putting you in them. Stop looking on the outward appearance and judge rightly and if you cant do that then its time to read the Bible to give you insight. The world is coming to an end so you better be ready to face your maker. All deleted messages of this question are from people who want to disinform you from the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written in the last days there will be a great following away (from the doctrine of Christ ) called the apostasy which is the Antichrist theology. Don't believe it, anyone who denies Jesus is the Son of God is the Antichrist and this is the great following away. (1 John)
This electronic harassment is one of the signs of the super power promised in Bible prophecy that must take place, this is the deceiver that deceives the world, the AntiChrist. In case you didn't know this Antichrist is in San Diego preforming (signs) and Lying wonders with these casting lots which are deliberately misleading everyone who is not the elect (chosen for eternal life). The Bible says these false miracles (signs) and lying wonders will be so powerful that they could possibly even deceive the elect (those who know better) so watch out, these are the times.
You can contact me at Write this down they (criminal cops) will delete this question and others will lie about this HAARP technology that is taking over the world by storm! Find out about this technology by searching the web under Mind Control and HAARP.


Best Answer :

Cool story, bro.


Other Answer(5) :

Okay. 800 concentration camps… Hmmmmm I'll just stand over here now.

We all care about you. We do.

We would love you even more if you went back on your meds.

2 Points! Thanks!

Well, at first I was going to tell you to GTFO for posting this in the wrong section. Then I realized you were crazy.

Then I realized you were just stupid and crazy for believing conspiracy theories and that people are trying to do anything to you.

You haven't even gotten the HAARP conspiracy theory right. It's about weather control, not mind control.

So in conclusion, GTFO.

well I am with you on this issue even though I do not agree with everything you have said.
I am a Canadian and am also a victim of this crime and have been for 16 years. My harassment campaign started when I used to work in the helping field in Edmonton Alberta. I did contract work for the Alberta Child Protection Services and picked up a referral from child protection to care for a 6 year old girl who through Satanic ritual abuse had 5 personalities..that was the beginning of my harassment campaign and it has never stopped. I even moved from Edmonton to escape this and it was to no avail as I continue to get stalked and harassed in Nanaimo BC Canada..I have since become an activist for the exposure of this crime and have found in this area alone 20 targets. There have been targets who are successful in beating the pricks who do this..are you aware of James Walbert in Kansas who took one of his perps to court and won. He proved to the courts that he was attacked by directed energy weapons, stalked and harassed. He is now planning on suing.
My site is