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Monday, October 5, 2015

What military branch can help me become a special agent in the fbi or cia?

December 8, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Legal Articles

I am going to join the military right after graduation but im having trouble choosing with one to join. I love anything with intellegence, special forces, aviation etc… i have already taken my asvab and am qualified for just about any career. But what career do you think can give me credits for the fbi/cia. and whats the best brach to join and why. Anything will be helpfull. Thanx

Best Answer :

You need to have a 4 year degree

And make some damn good connection during your time in the service.

Other Answer(9) :

ooo idk but i want to do that!

Both the Army and the Air Force have strong intelligence programs that could be of assistance after getting out. You mentioned a wide variety of interests, so the best thing to do is go talk to recruiters from both services and get all your questions answered, then make the right choice for you.

i would think maybe something like the marines or navy seals.

Military Intelligence. Maybe join ROTC first, and than sign up as an officer.

If you're looking to get in the FBI or CIA, I'm not sure how difficult it is to get into. If you're looking to do intelligence/special forces as a career, I would go Navy SEALs or Recon Marines, maybe a sniper in the army. Air Force does a lot of intel if you want to fly something, or you could pilot a drone from the ground if you don't want to be in significant danger. Any intelligence MOS in any branch should be equally impressive, although special forces would certainly be very impressive as far as getting into the FBI or CIA goes.

i think most if not all FBI and CIA jobs require a bachelors. at least all the ones i've looked at, so you'll need to do that. then there are a lot of different jobs in the FBI/CIA, some engineering related ones, some analyst positions, and of course the field agents that you always see on tv shows.

go to both websites and look at the job descriptions of the positions that you think are interesting. you'll either need to get military experience or a degree in those fields.

One thing I did notice is that a lot of the positions asked for leadership experience. that's definitely something that you can gain in the military, especially as an officer. the best path as far as i can see is going to college to get your degree (try a military academy, or ROTC program). spend 4-6 years in the military (probably doesn't matter which branch) and then when you come out, i'll be much better equipped to tackle the FBI/CIA.

Now if you think that's a bunch of crap and you just want to enlist for several years then join the CIA/FBI, then you might be best off taking a job in the intelligence or military police fields. Good luck!

It depends on what you want to do in the FBI. Go to their website and read up on just what they hire for. You'd be surprised at the limited number of fields they actually look for people in.
In any case you'll need a 4-year degree. That means you'd be wise to get as many college credits as possible when you are in the military and finish it up ASAP when you get out. You also typically need four years experience in the particular field you are going for, you should probably be able to get that with your enlistment.
A lot of field agents have law enforcement experience or military experience like infantry/SO. If you are going to go into intelligence then you probably don't need to go into infantry or MPs or anything like that, you'll need to go into intelligence.
You can also call your local university and see if the CIA or FBI recruit there. My university just had the CIA day. You could then go to the recruitment day and explain what it is you want to do and then see what the have to say. You could also call the FBI and tell them your story, that you'd like advice on a career path and ask them to tell you who to contact for that information.
Honestly, these organizations really aren't that mysterious. You need to contact them and ask who you can talk to about career paths. Someone WILL help you.

They want the best and brightest (too), many of my mates from the Coast Guard Academy became agents. I'm sure its the same for the other services.

If you want to do intelligence work it does not matter what branch, rather what you do. All branches have intelligence opportunities. When it comes time to transition to the government (fbi, cia, nsa) you will have a leg up on the competition. Also, take advantage of educational opportunities while you are in the service. Get your undergrad or graduate degree paid for by Uncle Sam while you can or update your language skills.