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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why is it more likely for a drug dealer to get to get more time than sex afenders and others who do worse.?

December 3, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Sex Crimes

i mean the people who do worse crimes should get more time in jail/prison than the ones who do smaller crimes that dont even matter. people wanna arrest the ones who barley do anything and the ones they need to worry about they let it go. all sex affenders should get the same time not different times. it dont matter what you did its a crime. druggies should get the same time too. weather its only a small offense o big, its the same thing. and i dont see why some people have to suffer more than others. everything should be fair….


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Jim Crow mentality and laws.

I agree, they should all rot in Jail, Equal time for them all.

It is the only way to keep the man down.

drug dealers spread their hurt on a wider scale, but to hell with it, kill em all and let got sort them out.

Drug dealers are typically enabling crime on a larger scale. Most little local dealers get a slap on the wrist and some minor jail time, but the big time dealers enable several smaller dealers to break the law which in turn enables the buyers to break the law, whether using the drugs or stealing stuff to support their habit. Therefore the crimes of the bigger dealer/supplier are larger crimes and deterring them from supplying drugs in theory should deter more crimes than just theirs(I know that someone will come in to fill the vacuum when a supplier is jailed, I'm not a dreamer)

Sex offenders crimes vary on the severity as well. I do not believe sex offenders should be treated lightly, but there are some crimes that are worse than others. How would you like to be a flasher, but get the same treatment as the guy who rapes infants? And sex offenders get lifetime monitoring when they are released, what other convict is faced with that?

I agree. I think it is a combination of some laws not being update or amended to the respective crimes these days. That is up to the courts and the laws. Police can only enforce the law and get the trash off the streets. Once they are processed, they are in the judicial system's hands. They should bring back back the prison ships for pedophiles, murderers,rapists.

Drug-related crime/criminality offends a basic Puritan attitude we have about drunkeness, and being out-of-control. Sexual crimes tend to take place behind closed doors, so we only hear about them, second-hand; being high happens outside, a lot, so we can see people stumbling around, slurring their speech, over-reacting with anger and agression, so we want to punish that, severely.

Also, drug crimes/criminality brings alot of violence and gunplay in to the lives of innocent bystanders, often leaving them emotionally traumatized, injured, crippled, or dead, whereas sex crimes don't have that kind of devastating affect on bystanders, so we don't have an almost reflexive need to punish it with the stiffest penalties we can think of.

If a teacher is arrested of having sex with a student under the age of 18 – that is a crime in many states whether the sex was consensual or not. The sentence will depend on many factors including past criminal history, etc.

Take the Dateline NBC shows where many sexual predators have been arrested. Since no sex took place, the only crime is soliciting a minor for sex over the Internet. Again, depending on past criminal history, many offenders are likely to receive probation and not be required to register as a sex offender.

Take a first time drug dealer – the same applies. Drug dealers start off with probation and then time served and then 18 months in a local jail followed by a period of probation.

The point is that the US judicial system follows graduated punishment. "Three strikes" laws like California's are too extreme and will likely be struck down – a portion of the law has already been struck down. The question boils down to individual responsibility – why does the person choose to deal drugs or why does the person choose to have sex with a minor. Moral codes have been loosened and the jails and prisons are filling up. It's a racket – the drug dealer makes money by selling drugs – the lawyer makes money by being paid by the drug dealer.

What are you talking about? That is the most ignorant question I have ever heard. Look at arrest stats and man-years of incarceration and you will find that the child rapists are being punished severely and dopers are slapped on the wrist. And thank you for adding "everything should be fair". That is a very well thought out statement. Tip: use spell check.

Drug dealers should get the highest sentencing laws imposed on them,
as drugs lead to prostitution, as well as bigger crimes, people on drugs
and drunks commit the most crime's while under the influence, drug
traffickers traffic in women and children, launder money live on the
proceeds of crime, are involved in gansterism, and murder to keep
their business's going……………………………..…

Children and women are hooked and roped into the business and so
that is why I think that the sentencing for drugs should be the most